All groups continue as usual if no new restrictions are given and we adhere to mandatory mouth protection for specified groups, in addition to all other measures taken - see info below.



These regulations apply to our dance school:

  • Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, should not participate in the dance lessons but stay at home until two days after recovery.

  • If anyone in the family is confirmed Covid -19 positive, we ask you to stay at home.

  • If you fall ill during a training activity, you should go home immediately. The dance school's teachers have the right to send home students who show symptoms of illness.


  • All students should wash their hands thoroughly before class. One by one in the toilet. There is also hand sanitizer inside the studio.


  • We are extra careful with cleaning ballet bars, door handles, taps and other surfaces that often come into contact with hands. No one changes their place at the bar.


  • As before, we want everyone to be changed and ready so we use the changing room as little as possible - come to the dance school changed and have warm coveralls that you can take off. We will ventilate the room between each lesson.

Given that Covid -19 has an increased spread, we since v 43 -20 only allow students in our premises.
It is therefore NOT permitted for parents, siblings or other relatives to stay in either the entrance, the dance hall, the changing room, the kitchen or the grandstand.


We kindly but firmly ask you to respect this.

Should you as a parent exceptionally need to come in and help your child for some reason, you need to wear a mask


(Read below especially about new children in the Children's Dance Groups)

The new pandemic law came into force on 8 January -21 and FHM's regulation currently allows a maximum of 1 visitor/10 kvm. This applies to, among other things, gyms and training facilities.
We have already in the autumn adapted the activities to have a lower maximum number of participants in each course, the maximum number is at our school below the number we are allowed to have in the hall/kvm.

This means that parents of children in groups 1-2 (who we otherwise would want to remain) cannot stay in the danceschool premises during the lesson but can now stay outside. We want, under normal circumstances, that the parents of these little ones are present, now we ask you to stay nearby and to be available - feel free to stand outside and look in through our windows.

Exceptions apply to new students in the children's dance groups/minijazz. Initially, 1 adult/person in charge, with mask, per child is allowed to attend. No siblings.

Since 16/11 2020 it is mandatory to wear a mask at the dance school for teachers and for the groups below + accompanying adults / responsible for children born -15/-17.

In the groups that do not have a mandatory mask, it is voluntary.

Masks are provided by everyone themselves.

Masks are an

EXTENSION / COMPLETION of all other measures we have.





16.20-17.15 Modern dans nyb/forts. 1, fr. 10 år munskydd

17.25-18.20 Jazzdans forts. 2,     fr. 10 år munskydd

18.30-19.45 Modern dans forts. 3,  fr. 14 år munskydd

19.55-21.10 Modern/Jazz avancerad fr. 16 år munskydd


16.05-16.30 Förberedande tå 1 forts.  fr. 12 år munskydd

16.35-17.40 Klassisk balett gr 9,  fr. 12 år munskydd

17.50-18.55 Klassisk balett gr 10,  fr. 13 år munskydd

19.00-19.25 Förberedande tå 2 forts. fr. 13 år munskydd

19.35-20.50 Klassisk balett forts/avanc ungd./vux. munskydd


15.30-16.10 Minijazz nyb.  5-6 år  

16.20-17.15 Modern dans forts. 2,  fr. 12 år munskydd

17.25-18.20 Jazzdans forts. 3,   fr. 12 år munskydd

18.30-19.45 Modern dans forts. 4 fr. 15 år munskydd

19.55-21.00 Modern dans grundl. vuxna munskydd


17.10-17.50    Barnbalett gr 3a        6-7 år    
18.00-18.40    Barnbalett gr 4a        7-8 år    
18.50-20.10    Lucka för workshops            
20.15-21.15    Pilates/kroppsträning ungd/vuxen  munskydd


(18.00-18.40 Stepp nyb mixade åldrar munskydd

18.50-19.30 Stepp avanc.2 mixade åldrar munskydd

19.40-20.20 Stepp forts.1 mixade åldrar munskydd


16.40-17.35 Grundläggande balett, fr. 10 år munskydd

17.45-18.40 Grundläggande balett fr. 16 år/vuxen munskydd


10.00-10.40    Barndans gr 1b        fr. 4-5 år  
10.50-11.30    Barndans gr 1c        fr. 4-5 år  
11.40-12.20    Barndans gr 2b        5-6 år
12.30-13.10    Barnbalett gr 3b        6-7 år
13.20-14.00    Barnbalett gr 4b        7-8 år
14.10-15.15    Balett gr 7         11-12 år 
15.25-16.40    Klassisk balett/tå forts  ungdom  munskydd
16.45-18.00    Klassisk balett/tå avanc  ungdom  munskydd


12.10-12.50 Barndans gr 1a    fr. 4-5 år

13.00-13.40 Barndans gr 2a     5-6 år

13.50-14.45 Barnbalett gr 5    8-9 år munskydd

14.55-15.50 Balett gr 6           9-10 år munskydd

16.00-16.55 Jazzdans forts. 1    fr. 9 år munskydd

17.05-18.20 Jazzdans forts. 5    fr. 14 år munskydd

18.30-19.45 Jazzdans  vuxna  munskydd

19.55-21.00 Modern dans grundläggande vuxna munskydd


Since June 2020, the World Health Organization WHO has been recommending masks in situations where it is difficult to keep a distance + during indoor activities.

We are doing everything we can.

  • steady groups, no drop in

  • large hall - large air volume

  • already functioning good safety measures with: extended distances between lessons, spraying, hand washing, only students on the premises, all at home in case of (even mild) illness, everyone will change, no physical close contact between the dancers.

  • We add masks to all other protective measures.

We continuously monitor developments and reserve the right to make new decisions quickly.


We all long to be able to return to "normal" but now we ask you to respect this so that we can continue to keep the school open and conduct our dance lessons.

Together we make the dance school as safe as possible.


You choose the type of mask you want to use.

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