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Everyone has a responsibility to protect themselves and others from the spread of covid-19.


These regulations apply to our dance school (from 7/3 -22):

  • All students should wash their hands before the lesson.

  • Stay home if you feel sick. 

  • We are still careful with cleaning ballet bars and other surfaces.

  • There is a taped line in front of the mirror which is the teacher's "zone".

  • The dance school's teachers have the right to send home students who show symptoms of illness.

  • We continue with a maximum of one (1) responsible companion / student.

  • Masks is voluntary.

We want our dance school to be a safe and secure place for both students, relatives and teachers.



Fr.o.m. 7/3 -22, masks is voluntary at the dance school.


Together we help to make the dance school as safe a place as possible to be.

coronainfo Liz balettskola
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