Dear everyone at Liz Balettskola DANSBASEN

Concerning the Coronavirus.

Updated April 19

Hope you managed to have a nice Easter holiday in these unusual times.  


We have always followed the recommendations and instructions given by the authorities under prevailing circumstances to help reduce the spread of Corona in the community.

As we previously informed, we hoped to only pause for a few weeks over Easter and now be able to continue + extend the term, but unfortunately it will not be possible.

Out of concern for our students, staff and relatives, we have made a decision to pause the live lessons in the dance school for the time being.

It feels extremely sad and we wish we could just dance together as usual. But we find it difficult to continue to run our lessons as the dropout rate among both our students and dance teachers is so great. Many students are at home because of cold symptoms or because they belong to the risk group, or have parents or siblings who do.

Three of our teachers also belong to risk groups, Liz, Simone who has asthma, Jessica who has two underlying, risk group-rated diseases and Jessica K has risk group husband at home.

And - we had an in-depth conversation with Västerås infectious surgeon Jan Smedjegård the day before yesterday about Västerås state of Corona + prognosis. The situation is not improving now, on the contrary, and he believes that it makes sense to pause indoor education for the time being. So - according to recommendation, we will pause teaching in the dance hall until further notice.

At the time of writing, we hope that it will be possible to have some lessons in the dancehall in May / June.

Then we want to keep everything possible - maybe we can hold individual summer courses during the summer ....  


But - of course we should NOT stop dancing during this time!

We are now working on being able to offer certain dance classes outdoors, while some classes may be held via link. We are investigating! Info about when this starts will come this week.

And - there will be exciting dance assignments and other fun via div. Media. We will soon be sending out information about which social channels we will use.

Together we dance at a distance!

And - we will take three weeks again this fall, around school start, before the autumn term begins. Book! (start Aug 17 and three weeks ahead, before the fall term begins v 37)

Thus, no course fee will be forfeited, but lessons will only be moved on (postponed to another occasion) or / and conducted in another way - outdoors / via link.  


We wanted so badly to open the danceschool again, now v 17. This has not been an easy decision for us to make. There are new restrictions and guidelines all the time. We have carefully weighed all possible parameters back and forth to try to land in something that seems to be right in this very strange world situation.


We are only dance teachers and employers who want to protect all those who are under our responsibility and by the care of our students, staff and relatives we have now made this decision. This is to help reduce the spread of Corona.  


As for the student performance, we have managed to get a stage + date for the performance!

22 Nov 2020, Konsertsalen at Carlforsska.

In addition, we have booked the Konserthuset for the show 30 May 2021.    


Together we do the best we can with all this.

We ask you to keep a good check on mail from us,  website and on FB for you who use it!  

With hope of good health and a lot of dancing in the distance! And elsewhere.


Warmest regards to you all!

Jessica och Malena with staff

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