Dear everyone at Liz Balettskola DANSBASEN

Concerning the Coronavirus.

Updated March 29

We are in a difficult time with many trials right now and are grateful for all the encouraging emails we receive. It is very difficult to know exactly what is right and wrong, but we do as best we can.

We have done everything during these strange weeks to continue our dance lessons, but now we see no other option than to pause lessons for v17.  


Many of the groups, and especially the children's groups, have been more than halved, many stay at home because they are crass, some because concerns about the risk of infection / spread and some students belong to risk groups. All of this is understandable but it also means that a lot of people miss their lessons and that is not something we want.

It is also not good for the development of the groups.

At present, we also have several teachers with cold symptoms and three who belong to the risk group.  


Based on these two aspects, we think it is best to pause teaching right now.


We therefore pause from today Sunday, March 29 and 3v forward.

  • V 14 Pause

  • V 15 Easter holidays

  • V 16 Easter holidays

  • V 17 plans to resume dance teaching  


We ask you to pay extra attention to further information on our channels, e-mail, the website and fb about how the development.


Our goal is to do everything in our power to recapture lost lessons at a later date. As it seems now, we think extending the semester is the best option. This may change depending on what happens in the future in Sweden and in the world.  


We get many questions about this year's student performance and what we can say right now is that it will be presented but not sure what date it will be. In consultation with Konserthuset, we have decided that unfortunately this is not feasible on 30 and 31 May. We will return with info on this when we know more about when it might be possible.  


It is a difficult time in everyone's lives in different ways.

We live different lives and have different conditions, but what we all have in common is precisely that ALL is affected in some way, physically, psychologically, financially and in planning.


Together, we continue to fight forwards and help to care for each other and our loved ones. In the future, everything will be more than we want and we will dance further!  


Warmest regards to you all!

Jessica och Malena with staff

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